How We Serve

  • Strategic Thinkers
  • We Learn from Our Experiences
  • Value Added is Automatic
How do we serve our clients? We start by listening. We never approach an assignment with pre conceived service offerings in mind. We want to be certain we are addressing the specific and unique challenges the client is facing. We are expert at promoting a client’s strengths while turning perceived weaknesses into opportunities. If the landscape changes while servicing an account, we often anticipate that change and are prepared to make needed and timely adjustments.
When a downturned economy changed our industry, we had to change. We abandoned our traditional contracting process of lengthy proposals and printed/bound company profiles in favor of shorter RFQ’s and electronically formatted company profiles. We created new tools like “Who is Audraine Jackson” to help clients know us better. This simplified the entire contracting process while the paperless approach made us environmentally conscious. We joined industry organizations and sought out professional development opportunities to improve our skills and keep offerings relevant. We overhauled every aspect of our company processes from new business development, accounting policies/practices to account servicing and deliverables. When we became better, we were better able to serve.
Have you heard the phrase “Can I get fries with that shake”? Well our “fries” come free with every order. Every assignment begins with a client approved action plan and ends with evaluation and measurement. No exceptions, no matter how large or small the account. This helps engage our clients so they understand what to expect and can provide input where needed. This makes the account servicing process run smoother and increases the probability of reaching or exceeding goals. We get it. You need us to be as turnkey as possible so you won’t be bogged down in details, freeing you up to focus on the bigger


Our service offerings are varied, but a partial list includes:

Issues Management & Key Messaging
Media Relations
Community Relations
Speech Writing
Crisis Communications
Soft & Hard Grand Openings
Constituent Communications
Community Relations

Public Relations
Marketing & Branding Concepts
Integrated Marketing Campaigns
Editorial Writing
Executive Communications
Political Consulting & Voter Analysis
Sales Promotions/Customer Appreciation
Integrated Marketing Campaigns