Success Story – Mobile Massage & Fitness

“Jackson Communications launched new markets for a start up business building a new brand and establishing customer loyalty while creating tools to enhance business operations.”


A contractor with Mobile Doctors, LLC who provided therapeutic services to patients decided to branch out on his own developing an independent business targeting the Aged Community. He contracted Jackson Communications to help brand the new business, develop marketing and sales strategies and create incentive programs.


Our first step was to listen to the client and ask questions to determine what services held his greatest passion. We discovered he had been conducting personal training sessions, exercise therapy for individuals and scheduling therapeutic massages by appointment. Our discussions indicated he felt he could provide a greater service by establishing exercise therapy programs targeted at senior citizens in group sessions to prevent falls and improve mobility. Since the business was mobile, with the client spending almost 100% of his time moving from one senior community to another we suggested he retain the “Mobile” title. We established the new company name as Mobile Massage & Fitness to encompass the services he most desired to render, transitioning his business from a recurring patient care role to therapeutic programs in a group setting. His target for sales became activity directors for assisted living centers. We executed logo development and strategies for its utilization in administrative, billing, marketing and advertising. We helped launch the newly created “Physiotainment™” program designed at improving memory recall through music, song and low impact movement developing a logo and producing all collateral materials including video promotional pieces. We developed incentive programs and employee recognition campaigns for Certified Nursing Assistant Appreciation Month and employee boot camp sessions. And when the client wanted to expand his services to include CPR training/certification, we successfully launched the CPR NoW program to gain market share creating a logo, incentive programs and a strategic relationship account building campaign to engage stakeholders. The campaign also included satisfaction surveys for session participants.


We took our client from “who are you” to “our residents cry when you are not here.” Evaluation surveys were aggregated with results used as a successful tool for recruitment of new CPR training/certification participants. Jackson Communications branded this start up business as the “company of choice” for exercise therapy services among north GA assisted living communities helping the client successfully secure the Sunrise Assisted Living network.