Sucess Story – State of Georgia Epidemiology & Prevention Division

“Jackson Communications defined a reputation to external markets and increased program participation levels through creative messaging.”


In an overall effort to customize spending, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) mandated an initiative for states to develop local panels to establish guidelines determining how HIV Prevention funding should be healthutilized. The State of Georgia Epidemiology & Prevention division hired Jackson Communications to help promote the initiative among community based organizations (CBO’s) and to generate press to engage stakeholders.


Our first step was to counsel and advise Epidemiology and Prevention Chief Dr. Kathleen Toomey on public and community relations best practices, conducting regular meetings with key internal staff to create a media plan and develop press materials. We worked diligently to meet deadlines as we had to advance through multiple levels to obtain approvals through protocol channels prior to external release of any materials. We maintained contact and conducted regular meetings with statewide community leaders, policymakers, county health departments, CBO’s and nonprofits to reach objectives.


We secured CBO partners and medical institutions for every area of the state to host planning meetings which we rolled out in succession so we could have adequate representation at each location. Press materials were tailored to each region and distributed statewide to media outlets attracting enough excitement and participation to fulfill the CDC funding mandate.